Shadow Defender Crack with Keygen Free Download

By | 11/08/2016

Shadow Defender Crack with Keygen Full Version Free Download


[su_note note_color=”#ddcec2″]Introduction of Shadow Defender:[/su_note]

Shadow Defender Crack with Keygen incl there are as many computer protection programs out there, as many computers are there, and occasionally it is tough to tell them apart. Shadow Defender is an application that has determined to take an original approach – it creates a virtual space on your personal computer (Shadow Mode) and then redirects any operating system changes to it, so that any malevolent activity will leave your real operating system untouched. If something terrible does happen, you simply reboot, leaving your operating system in its original, undamaged condition.

The Shadow Defender Crack interface is easy one, with an area to put the personal computer into Shadow Mode, an area to eliminate certain folders or files, and a configuration zone. There is also a choice called Commit Now, but what accurately this does is a bit unclear, even later than reading the Shadow Defender user manual! The configuration options can be found by you under Administration and are reasonably basic – you can enable context menu features, you can set a password, and a tray icon, but that is pretty much it.


Innovation should forever be applauded when we’re talking about the technology, so Shadow Defender Serial Key is definitely due several kudo. Even so, the concept won’t appeal to everybody, principally because once you are in Shadow Mode, you won’t be capable to make any changes unless you have specified an expelled folder where you can save – and that is something you’ll have to do earlier than enabling Shadow Defender. Add this to the fact that you need to reboot every time you want to disable or enable the security, and the measly selection of configuration choices, Shadow Defender ends up being far from flexible or swift.

[su_note note_color=”#ddcec2″]What is Shadow Defender?[/su_note]

Shadow Defender is a user-friendly security solution that protects your Personal Computer /laptop real environment against hateful activities and unnecessary changes. Shadow Defender is a defense application to defend your personal computer from the changes that you do not desire your Operating system that may change due to viruses attack. Shadow Defender can run your operating system in virtual surroundings called ‘Shadow Mode’. ‘Shadow Mode’ redirects each operating system change to a virtual surroundings with no change to your real surroundings. If you experience hateful activities and/or unnecessary changes, perform a reboot to restore your operating system back to its original condition, as if nothing happened. If you want to make a maintenance-free personal computer, Shadow Defender will be your excellent choice.



“Removes any and all changes made to all volumes you decide to guard with ‘Shadow Mode’. When you put volume into Shadow Mode, Shadow Defender takes a snapshot of the existing condition of the volume and reverts the volume back to that condition after you reboot your personal computer (which results in removal of all changes made).”

Protects Master Boot Record.

“Allows you to set Shadow Mode to routinely enable every time you boot your personal computer (to enable this feature, “Enter Shadow Mode On boot” when enabling Shadow Mode security instead of “Exit Shadow Mode on Shutdown”)

“Has an ‘Exclusion List’ that allows you to specify particular files and folders to be not sheltered by Shadow Mode

Allows you to without difficulty save changes made to particular files and folders while Shadow Mode is enabled via ‘Commit Now’.”


Doesn’t display any sort of prompt prior to reboot or shutdown that reminds the users all changes will be lost if or when the computer is shutdown/ restarted. It does have floating widget that recalls you that Shadow Mode is enabled, but that is not the same nor as effective as a prompt exact before restart or shutdown. Without such a prompt, it is extremely possible many users will not remember Shadow Mode is enabled and be upset when their files, folders, changes are lost and no longer there after reboot or shutdown.

If you decide to exit Shadow Mode later than enabling it, you can. However, there isn’t any feature that allows you to tell that Shadow Defender to save all changes made to personal computer, instead of eradicate all changes, upon exit of Shadow Mode; when you by hand exit Shadow Mode, you must restart your personal computer and all changes, beside from the ones you yourself committed via Commit Now, are dumped.

Protects Master Boot Record but developer does not provide details as to accurately what techniques are being used to protect Master Boot Record so it is hard to determine how firm that Master Boot Record protection is; the developer just says Master Boot Record protection is there.

The Developer of Shadow Defender has a sporadic history of troubling updates. Although the applications have received regular updates every two or three months since Nov 2012, in the long-ago there have been times when over one year has passed with no update to Shadow Defender. So a lot time between updates for a security application is unforgivable and truly casts a shadow of doubt for anyone that desires to use Shadow Defender. Why? Because all security applications, no matter how best they are, have bugs and loopholes which malware can exploit. Without usual updates, the holes in Shadow Defender aren’t plugged in a timely fashion.

[su_note note_color=”#ddcec2″] Shadow Defender Features:[/su_note]

  • Prevent from all viruses and malwares.
  • Surf internet safely and eliminate unnecessary traces.
  • Guard your privacy.
  • Remove system downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Reboot to restore your operating system back to its original state.

[su_note note_color=”#ddcec2″]Shadow Defender Users:[/su_note]

  • Maintain a operating system free from malicious activities and unnecessary changes.
  • Test application and game installations in a safe environment.
  • Protect against unnecessary changes by shared users.


[su_note note_color=”#f5f1ed”]Weather you enable this feature, the snapshot taken prior to the initial enabling of Shadow Mode is the snapshot your personal computer is reverted to every time you shutdown or restart your computer. This snapshot would be updated if you were to ever by hand stop and re-enable Shadow Mode.[/su_note]

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